Episode 170

Published on:

15th Feb 2024

Deborah Walsh: The Onboarding Blueprint: Keys to Unlocking New Hire Success and Company Thriving

New job jitters? Fear not, newbie! This podcast is your ultimate guide to crushing your onboarding and thriving in your new role. Join Debbie and Denise, your friendly HR experts, as they peel back the layers of the onboarding process and reveal the secrets to a smooth and successful transition.

Whether you're a nervous new hire or an employer eager to make a great first impression, this podcast has something for you. Get ready to:

  • Uncover the challenges of remote onboarding and discover strategies for building connection and engagement, even from afar.
  • Identify the key ingredients of a successful onboarding experience – from clear expectations to meaningful introductions and beyond.
  • Learn how to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among new hires, so they feel like part of the team from the get-go.
  • Brainstorm future podcast episode ideas and ensure you never miss out on valuable HR insights.

This is your one-stop shop for all things onboarding. Stop the scrolling, hit play, and get ready to unlock your full potential, both as a new hire and an employer.

Bonus: Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where Debbie and Denise will delve deeper into specific onboarding topics, from paperwork pitfalls to cultural immersion tips.

Remember, a great onboarding is the foundation for a happy and productive employee. Let's build thriving workplaces together, one new hire at a time!

Deborah Walsh: Builder, talent whisperer, and diversity champion. Forget the suits and jargon. Deborah Walsh cuts through HR noise with real-world wisdom forged in the trenches. She's seen everything from selling Fortune 200 benefits packages (despite knowing nada about them!) to building her own search firm. Now, she helps leaders unlock exceptional talent, build inclusive cultures, and turn good companies into remarkable ones. Think executive coaching with grit, outplacement with empathy, and DEI that's not just a checkbox. Join Deborah on "Remarkable Leadership Lessons" as she cracks the code on talent, shares her hard-won insights, and proves that great leadership is all about building thriving teams. You can follow Deborah on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborah-walsh-875b932.

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On the Remarkable Leadership Lessons Podcast, we believe that acknowledging that you don’t know what to do differently is a sign of strength not weakness. Our guests will give you the tools to ask for that much-needed raise, to prepare yourself for life in the C-Suite, and to develop a growth mindset that leads you and your team to the desired results. We help you make work, career and leadership work for you.

Host Denise Cooper helps listeners assemble the building blocks of emotional intelligence: accountability, compassion, the willingness to admit wrongdoing, and the determination to follow through. Problems do not end with strategy. They end with thoughtfully developed solutions consistently put into practice.
Make your actions intentional, your behaviors mindful, and your decisions deliberate. And no matter what, own up to all of them.

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